They pay tribute to the Apostle on the 127th anniversary of his fall in combat

Raudelis Sarmiento Villalón

The act for the 127th anniversary of the death of José Martí took place at the University of Informatics Sciences (UCI), this May 19.

In front of the statue of Julio Antonio Mella, the commemorative act began with an audio of the unfinished letter from Manuel Mercado and the declamation of the student Maylú Martínez González of a few tenths of his authorship, allegorical to the most universal of all Cubans.

During the meeting, the rector of the institution, Dr.C. Raydel Montesino Perurena and the general secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba at the University, Dra.C. Dunia Colomé Cedeño, delivered the PCC card to a group of workers of the entity.

In the context of the 20th anniversary of the UCI, the centenary of the University Student Federation (FEU) and inspired by the Master's patriotic work, the Deans of the Faculties presented the Lieutenant Colonel of the Department of Military Education, Feliberto Ángel Blanco Fernández, with the commitments of the Militias of Territorial Troops (MTT) of the freshmen.

Next, Blanco Fernández handed over the signatures to the Rector, thus ratifying the revolutionary commitment of our students in the defense of the Homeland.

In the voices of the students Diana Salfrán Santana and Claudia Betancourt Puga, the song "Hazando Fe", by the Duo Iris, was heard, and the members of the Alarcos Teatro group recited texts in homage to the author of The Golden Age.

As a culmination of the meeting, the Dean of Faculty 1, Dr.C. Niurvis Legrá Pérez, meant that remembering Martí on the 127th anniversary of his death is to recreate the history of our America, his revolutionary fervor, anti-imperialist and independence ideals.

In her address, she also pointed out that the Apostle's ideals transcend time, since they are a deep wealth of knowledge and universal values.

The young people of our University, she emphasized, will never fail the Revolution, nor the highest leadership of the country; because from Martí and Fidel we learned to be faithful to Socialism and to reject any act of interference that threatens our integrity.

As part of the UCI tribute to the Apostle on the 127th anniversary of his fall in combat, the representatives of our house of higher studies recreated several of the passages in the life of the most universal of all Cubans. In the representation, the Dos Ríos Camp that was used during the war of independence of 1895 was reproduced.

In this activity organized by the Cátedra Martiana in collaboration with the Directorate of Marxism, the Department of Military Education, the UJC and the FEU, the participants were brought closer to the campaign life of our Liberation Army, the preparation of the tasty canchánchara was shown mambisa, how coffee was brewed, resting in a hammock and the animals used by the troops.

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