How do you study


Becoming the professional you dream of and at the same time dedicating time to work and taking care of all the other daily activities of your life is an opportunity that can only be offered by studying online. It is a possibility that is achieved thanks to information and communication technologies and the adaptation of the principles of pedagogy and didactics to the new training environment: virtual learning environments.

To take advantage of these advantages that appear before your eyes, you should start by taking into account the following suggestions that will surely be very useful:

  • Have your own study method according to the technological benefits of ICT to read, write, underline, add notes and even listen to written texts on audio.
  • Take advantage of the elaboration of summaries, the design of outlines and mental maps.Organize your study time, creating regular schedules, avoiding last-minute work and guaranteeing timely completion of activities.
  • Make the most of the online resources available to you, such as chats, tutorials and virtual forums, or create groups on WhatsApp and Facebook so you can work as a team and interact with other students.
  • You must assess your progress in your learning permanently, which will be in correspondence with your way and your pace of learning.

We hope that these simple suggestions will help you achieve success, they are not the only ones, you can find many more along the way